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Educareproducts is a passionate and innovative “Mittal Enterprises” firm specialized in distributing Educational supplies and education related products. It was founded with an aim to develop student’s interest in education through innovative educational products.

 Our Mission

Being a bridge across cultures and support for academic pursuit of the younger generation is our mission. Educareproducts mission endeavors to transform our world through premier education.


Our Vision

Educareproducts ambition is to provide custom designed products and services that are innovative and designed to help children develop creativity and critical thinking skills. Our vision is to bring a diversified approach to education through innovative one-of-a-kind services and products.

From Smart Class Software & Hardware to Textbooks to Class Furniture to Playground Equipment, Educareproducts helps school easily and efficiently obtain everything they need. We streamline purchasing for schools, helping them save money and deliver an outstanding education. Whether negotiating prices with our vendors or tracking packages safely to your school, we strive to bring you a headache and hassle-free supply experience, all at a lower cost than any other consolidator. We work to meet the purchasing and shipping needs of schools, while minimizing paperwork and providing the best services and solutions.

Educareproducts is consistently looking to improve offering by the best mix of products to schools from leading technology vendors worldwide and are actively involved with many school supply vendors. As a result, we offer schools access to materials and equipment with significant cost savings and full administrative follow-up. Individual schools can benefit from our buying power, resources and the efficiencies resulting from consolidated savings.

Educareproducts helps to improve the education of children. That means providing the best end to end Solutions and customer service, the highest quality school supplies at the lowest price possible, packed and shipped to arrive safely and on time.

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Instead of juggling multiple school supply vendors and contacts, Educareproducts will manage  your orders and follow up until the order arrives at your school.


Through our many vendor partnerships, Educareproducts has negotiated significant discounts with many popular vendors to pass on directly to your school.


Educareproducts will provide invoice item details of all your purchases and costs. Educareproducts allows your business office to focus on fast transactions.

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