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Educareproducts is pleased to offer school supplies at substantial savings. We understand finding discount on school supplies can prove difficult and are crucial for teachers and schools with tight budgets. We're glad to offer accessories supplies for teachers and students.

We also offer a large assortment of custom imprinted items that are great for promoting school spirit. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!


Our backpacks are value priced but have loads of features. These affordable book bags give you the most choices regarding price, value, colours and features. Get your students ready for school with bookbags from Educareproducts.

Whether you're looking for large bags with hand straps to carry a big batch of papers or a sports sacks with cinch up strings that can be worn like a backpack, you'll find great looking bags that can be personalized with your school mascot and name. Custom imprinted items from Educareproducts will generate enthusiasm and spirit around your school.

Back Packs                                  Soft Toys Bags                                        Trolley Bags



At Educareproducts. you'll find best quality Lunch Boxes. These lunch boxes can be personalized with your school name and mascot or use them to advertise your important message to everyone at school.

        Lunch Box Sets                                        Side Dish Containers

        Lunch Box Set With Bag                         Insulated Lunch Box



Stay hydrated with affordable and durable custom imprinted cups and sports bottles from Educareproducts. These bottles and cups can be personalized with your school name and mascot or use them to advertise your important message to everyone at school. They are also perfect for fund raising activities or sporting events.

        Regular Bottles                                           Sipper Bottles

        Insulated Bottles                                         Sports Bottles


Staying organized at school is easy with pencil boxes and pouches from Educareproducts. We have a large assortment of pencil boxes and pouches that will hold your pencils, erasers, sharpeners and rulers. These pencil cases are a must have item for school supply list. We offer pencil boxes and pouches that will fit in most requirements as well as hard pencil cases in assorted designs. You can also order some of our pencil boxes and pouches with school essentials already included inside.


    Plastic Pencil Boxes                                        Magnetic Pencil Boxes

    Double Sided Pencil Boxes                             See-Through Coloured Pencil Boxes

    Character Based/See-Through Pouches



Making sure students and faculty are safe during school hours is critical. Educareproducts supplies safety kits for students, teachers and office / classroom use. Our personal preparedness kits are lightweight so each child or employee can carry their own kit.

The disaster kits can be stored in central locations or in each classroom and are handed out to each individual in the event of an emergency.

Student Classroom Safety Kit Includes:

    High Intensity Whistle                                              Glow Stick

    Rain Jacket                                                              First Aid Kit

    Flashlight (w/Batteries)                                            Distress Flag

    Water and Food Stuff

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