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Playground equipment’s are one of the most important school supplies. School management needs to take due care while finalizing the playground equipment’s in terms of design, safety and measurements as specified by the industrial experts.

Educareproducts understands and hence provide schools with premium-quality playground equipment’s. Our playground equipment’s ensure that children acquire all the necessary skills while playing. Here is a list of outdoor and indoor play equipment’s.

Play System                                         Slide                                       Merry Go Round

See - Saw                                            Swing                                      Climber

Spring Rider                                        Surface Flooring                     Fitness Equipment

Activity Toys and Many More.




We as sports equipment’s supplier, understand that school children have specific physical exercise needs. We have built an inventory of equipment’s that are colorful, light in weight and safe for students to play with.


BASKETBALL (Ball | Pole Board | Basket)                                             FOOTBALL (Goal Post | Ball)

VOLLEYBALL (Net | Pole | Ball)                                                             CHESS

SOFTBALL (Home Plate | Gloves | Slugger)                                          CRICKET (Bat | Ball | Stump Set)

TABLE TENNIS (Table | Bat | Ball)                                                          CARROM

ATHLETICS (Shot | Discuss | Javelin)                                                    ARCHERY (Bow Set | Boss)

BADMINTON (Racket | Shuttle | Net Pole)





We welcome orders from schools for music instruments. Educareproducts has an established relationship with the education sector, and supplies music instruments to the schools. The music classroom teacher, instrumental teacher and band director will find Educareproducts as a one stop for music student’s needs.


We are happy to supply children’s musical instruments to schools like


·  Children's Guitars & Ukuleles: The children's guitars in smaller sizes are designed to make playing more comfortable and fun from   an early age. Everything kids need to get started on the road to becoming a guitar sensation.

· Children's Percussion Instruments: Ideal for early music education. Encourage a musical start for kids with the best instruments.

· Children's Wind Instruments: Harmonicas, recorders, kazoos and ocarinas for children to learn to play and have fun exploring          the different sounds.

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