EducareProducts for SmartSchool
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Educareproducts offer a 360 degree solution for K-12 institutions in their quest to digitize their education system. We strongly believe that every education institutions have their own set of needs and associated challenges. Therefore, right from conceptualization to the final delivery, we provide the tailor made solutions that help institutions harness the best possible technology available.

The solution comprises of following components.

• K-12 Digital Content

• Assessment Suite

• Online / Offline LMS

• Ask-a-Doubt

The three tier Hierarchy Model

SmartSchool 360 has been designed in a three tier hierarchy, so as to create an efficient system of control and coordination among its stakeholders. This hierarchy model regulates the flow of information and data among the different levels in the system, thereby creating an closely monitored eLearning environment. Levels in three tier hierarchy includes:-

• School Administration

• Teacher Community

• Student Community