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A Revolutionary ICT solution !

SmartSchool ICT is a revolutionary product for the next generation schools. The product has been designed to harness the best possible technology available and overcome the deficiencies in the offering of the existing players in the eLearning sector. The solution comprises of K-12 Digital content, assessment suite hosted on a most advanced offline/online LMS. The Educational content is strictly mapped as per school curriculum and can be further localized as per need.

The SmartSchool ICT comprises of the following components:-

• K-12 Digital Content

• Assessment suite

• Online/Offline LMS

The SmartSchool ICT software is relatively easy to use educational software available for schools. Being a cross platform software, SmartSchool ICT software will work on any operating system environment. To convert your classroom into a smart class, all you need is an audio-visual hardware with the SmartSchool ICT software. With SmartSchool ICT software, you have the flexibility to choose any audio-visual hardware device you like, and we run on all !